Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Assignments for Next Semester?

We have a lot of options for what we can complete next semester, and I'd like to hear your opinions. We'll be spending most of class time listening to lectures and watching films with some discussion time after each. But what are your thoughts on what I should use as a basis for your final grade?

I will ask you to keep up with the blog, posting entries after each lecture/film. But what would you like to do for your more formal assignments? Would you like to complete a traditional research essay? Would you like to complete another podcast on a different topic? Would you like to complete another personal essay or extend the one you were wrote this semester? Would you like to write an op-ed piece (or two or three) for a local newspaper? Is there something else you have in mind?

Keep in mind that this is a 300-level honors seminar in the humanities, so assignments must fit what is generally expected for courses like that (to an extent). There must be some rigor involved. Also, we will not meet often as a class, so all assignments must be things you can generally complete on your own (or by talking with me in my office). It can't be just a blog! But I'd like you to have a say in what we do, so let me know what you would like to do and what you clearly do not want to do. You can comment below, send an email to me, or leave an anonymous note in my mailbox.

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  1. I really like the non-traditional type stuff we've been doing thus far. I'd definitely like to do another personal essay because it was really interesting to write.
    I'd prefer staying away from the more "academic" work like research papers and formal stuff because it gets boring and I think after a while, you stop caring about it as much.