Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prompt for the Photo Essay

For this assignment, you will select five photographs of people in pain. The photos you choose should be "public" in that they are intended to be seen by a range of people beyond a family or group of friends. In other words, photos from Facebook or Flickr would not work. Find photos from news sites, organizational webpages, and other places aimed at a wide-range of viewers.

Your images can be contemporary, historical, or both. Just keep the context of the photograph in mind. Where and when did it first appear? Who is or was the intended audience? How might changing the context change interpretations of the image? Reflecting on context may help you create these annotations.

Ultimately, the point of the annotations is to break the image down into its parts and analyze how and why it depicts pain as it does. Refer to our readings and discussions for ideas. For example, is there a way that Sontag scrutinizes a particular image that you can apply to one of your images? As you write your annotations, write them for readers who do not know what we have read of discussed in class. In other words, explain things beyond, "This connects to Wall's points about dualism." In this case, define dualism, quote Wall, and explain specifically how it fits with your image. Use MLA formatting when you quote or paraphrase anything (if you want to use another citation style, just let me know which one so I can grade you fairly).

In terms of creating this document, the easiest program to use (and the one I will show you how to use) is PowerPoint. I will go over this in class on October 7, but for now you should know that you should import each image onto an individual slide and use text bubble to point to various parts of those images. In those bubbles, you should type a letter or number. On a separate sheet of paper, write out an annotation that corresponds to that number. Provide three to five annotations for each image. In the document that contains the annotations, provide an introduction that describes connecting the images/annotations as well as a conclusion that brings it all together. Keep this document single-spaced.

This is due at the start of class on Tuesday, October 28. You will email the PowerPoint to me as a .pdf document and the annotations to me in .doc or .rtf format. In class on that day, I can show you how to create a PDF from the PowerPoint on our computers, but to open the PowerPoint in our lab, it needs to be in .ppt format (not .pptx). Once you have it converted, create one email that has both the photos and the annotations attached so it's clear what goes with what. Give me a couple of weeks to get grades to you because I want to take serious time reading and commenting.

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