Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prompt for Opinion Essays

You will write three opinion pieces much like those that appear in newspapers and magazines. Each one will be no longer than 600 words. In these pieces, you will relate the ideas and readings from the course to a news article that has appeared online or in print since July 15, 2008. The point is to relate what we have done in class (in either semester) to something that is happening in the world around us.

The best place to find a news article is to use the library's databases. Google News is also a strong source. If you find something online, paste the URL at the end of your essay. If you are working with a hard copy, bring a copy to the class meeting after the essay is due.

Remember that your audience--general, adult news readers--does not know what we have done in this class, so you need to describe things for them. Be brief but specific. You will need a clear focus for whatever you write. Provide a title for your essay, too. It should be specific for your essay, saying something about its content.

Essay one is due on by email (in .doc or .rtf) by noon on February 27, essay two on March 27, and essay three on April 24. You will not have the chance to revise any of these, but I will drop your lowest grade; your two highest grades will count.

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