Saturday, November 1, 2008

Revisions of Photo Essay

I forgot to say in class last week that I am going to allow everyone to revise their photo essays. I made this decision before you turned them in, so it's not that they are so bad that I think you all need to revise. But it's an odd assignment, and if I want you all to do your best, it makes sense for me to comment and then for you revise, if you choose to do so. Revisions are due by noon on Wednesday, December 3. You can send only revisions of the annotations if you are keeping the photos and numbering the same. If you are changing the photos or numbering, then send those, too (.ppt or .pdf is fine). Anyone should feel free to make an appointment to go over the comments I made on your essays or the revisions you make in response to them. That's what my office hours are for.

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